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You can Bring Money for Your Next Rental in Florence

You Can Pay Cash for Rentals in Florence Again

Be or not to Be, take or not to take cash… Italy is once again proved a realm of chaos in terms of rules and laws that conflict and bang one with the other.  A little over a month ago the busy Italian Government passed a law enforcing all transactions for rental fees to be…

San Lorenzo Market

Say bye-bye to San Lorenzo Florence Market?

The vibrant and busy area of San Lorenzo is changing shape for good as the Florence city administration is clearing stalls and stands and relocate the flee market “bancarelle” to a new designated area. San Lorenzo is the historical market right next to Piazza San Giovanni (the Duomo square) home of the magnificent church of…

Do not bring cash for your rental in Florence

Do Not Bring Cash in Italy to Pay for Your Next Holiday Rental

Starting January 2014 in Italy you’ll no longer be able to pay rental fees in cash, says the law! Does not matter if you are coming for a few days or staying for a long term, the rule is simple: no cash or the landlord might incur in big time fines. Italy is continuing its…

Da Nerbone in Florence San Lorenzo Central Market

Eating in Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo

After scraping up a few of the restaurants in and around San Lorenzo let’s find out a few places really inside of San Lorenzo, we mean really inside of San Lorenzo Market.  The San Lorenzo Market is also known in Italian as the Mercato Centrale, or Central Market where you’d go for grocery shopping.  The…

Lo Spaghetto dei Fratelli Briganti

The Best Spaghetti Pomodoro Fresco in Florence

Yet again another Pizzeria Spaghetteria Trattoria you will hardly go unless someone from Florence told you so, and well WE DO!  Very few will know it by the real name Pizzeria La Moderna but everybody will know the name of the popular brothers that own and have run the business for over 40 years, i…

A student Guide for Renting Apartments

A Student’s Guide to Renting Apartments

Many of our Clients are Students looking for lodging in Florence from few weeks up to several months or more, we are here to help you with your search! !!! We love to work with Students as long as they keep in mind the following rules !!! Firenze Lodging is a licensed real estate agency…


Scams with Rentals in Florence

Often Students and General Traveler looking for the best bargain end up with very nasty scams with loss of money, not a place to stay upon arrival and no one to complain to. Watch out and read on to get yourself in a safe corner by dealing only with reputable agencies for your bookings.  

Italian Gestures

Tourist apartments in Florence – Where to start?

How to choose a tourist apartment in Florence and don’t get burned! The years 2011 – 2013 have seen a real boom of web sites dedicated to apartments and rooms to let to tourists as alternatives to Hotels or to more classic Holiday Accommodation types such as B&B’s, Guesthouses, Residences etc. Through aggressive marketing campaigns…

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Florentine typical dishes

Wondering what Florentines eat and what’s unique in the Florence’s Italy cousine? This is the food you must try upon arrival in our City no excuses you cannot leave the city without having tried one of these dishes! 1) Bistecca alla Fiorentina Probably the most notorious one stop meal from Firenze! Bistecca needs to be…

Scheduling a visit to a Property

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How to use Firene Lodging

Firenze Lodging offers an innovative booking system based on offers!  Here is how it works in essence: You can make direct requests to the properties of your choice or Make Generic Requests from the home page to forward your requests to ALL Property owners and partner agencies listing on Firenze Lodging! Your email gets registered…

New Lights for San Giovanni 5th April 2012

Hello Everyone just little new for who’s in Florence on April 5th 2012, it will be held by our Mayor Renzi the inauguration of the new illumination System for Piazza San Giovanni – Duomo of Florence. Enjoy…! Invito_illuminazione_Piazza_Duomo