Fees for daily and weekly stays booked online
Firenze Lodging works on a commission basis, Property Owners and Partners as per disclaimer & partnership programs grant us a commission for each reservation we help conclude with our Clients. The given price daily and weekly stays is inclusive of any additional agency’s fee.

Fees for monthly stays booked online
For monthly stays booked online we ask Property Owners and Partners to make their offers using net prices this will keep prices of the monthly rental very competitive, Firenze Lodging will apply to Clients at the time of booking a flat 10% agency’s fee on the total rental cost.

Fees for local services in Florence for Property Owners and Partners
When expressly requested we can provide local services such as: check in and check out procedure, Client’s assistance during the stay, maintenance coordination and so on. The cost of these services are calculated at 50 € per hour. In case of long term rental leases done with our assistance locally we will work as a traditional real estate agency as per Usi e Consuetudini della Camera di Commercio di Firenze.

Fees for local services in Florence for Clients
When expressly requested we can provide Clients further services such as visits to properties, local consultancy for choosing the right accommodation, local advise for any eventual controversy that might arise between Clients and Property Owners and Partners and so on. The cost of these services is calculated at 50 € per hour.

Fees for listing your property
Listing your property on Firenze Lodging is completely free as long as the Property Onwers or Partner takes care of the insertion process through our CMS system after completing registration, if it’s required from Firenze Lodging to do the insertion on behalf of the Property Onwers / Partner which still will have to provide all the digital material (Photos, Videos) and text material (description, extra costs, terms & Conditions) the cost of € 35 will be for each single property.