Its all true. The word is spreading fast, from the web to the papers, people are already fantasizing the flavors melting in their mouths. Everyone is waiting for the Gelato Festival right here in Florence! A four day craze non stop for the Italian delights starting Friday the 28th till the 31st of May. The Mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi has been invited to do the honors and kick start this wonderful event. This is a manifestation, which will give the possibility for all those willing to participate, a free choice to taste from 1 to 5 flavors of gelato situated in different squares of the center of Florence.

Gelato tre gusti


Part of the event which should not be a miss out, is the photographic exhibition at Piazza Santissima Annunziata, describing the historical  stages of the gelato back since the 800th centurty to begin approximately at 1300hrs.  For those of you interested in the making of a gelato, various workshops will be put up as well.  According to the tabloids, there will be an approximation of 250000- to 300000 visitors! That’s right, one big group of visitors who would like to realize the dream everyone had since he or she was a child. Surrounded with all the ice-cream you can imagine, with noone to stop you from tasting them!

Grazie Firenze Festival del Gelato

For the participation all you have to do is buy the card. This can be done either online at this site:

or in the Info Tourist Offices at Piazza Stazione 4 (the Station of S.M.N). There are two kinds of Cards. The first costs 1 euro and you get only one choice to taste whereas the multi-taste card gives you 5 choices and it costs 4 euros. Online only the multi-choice is available.  The offices at the station are open on the 28th to the 31st from 10:00 to 14:00.

Its pretty obvious to say “enjoy yourselves”, so I hope you make the most of it. Cheers!