Prices for Student’s Apartments in Florence 2009

Florence every year receive huge numbers of students looking for accommodation from one month up to longer term of one year and more.

This article will help you giving you an idea about what the prices are for student’s apartments in Florence.

Please keep in mind that prices very rarely include utilities, be sure to read the following article for utilities costs in Florence.

In Florence there are different types of apartments; this is what you should expect to be offered during your search.

  • Studios or monolocale (one room apartments) with a size of 25 to 35 sqm are available in Florence starting at a monthly rate of 600 € to 750 € .
  • A one full bedroom flat (bedroom separate from living room) with a size from 35 to 60 sqm an up, are available starting from 800 € to 1200 € per month, even more if you go luxury.
  • 2 bedrooms apartments are a good solution for two people wanting independent rooms and a full living space; sizes vary from 60 to 120 sqm.  The average monthly price once again depending on the quality of the apartment and its furnishing ranges between 900 € to 1500 €, you can considerably go up higher if you are looking for luxury places.
  • 3 bedrooms and up is rarity in Florence, one of the reasons is because schools offering housing really fill up quickly the available offer with their own students.   When you find them expect to be asked from a minimum of 1200, 1300 € to some thousands euro for a 4 or 5 bedroom flat.

Some other tips:

I suggest to plan & book in advance if you are looking for a long term rental of 4 months and up, the demand is very high and the good apartments are often not available.  If you are coming for only one month try to book at least 2 or 3 months before your arrival, owners will most likely turn down your request for only one month made several months ahead of your arrival.

Be sure to work with reliable agencies and avoid classifieds listing that look spooky, very low rates can be often ringing bells to a scam so be extremely cautious with your search in those neighbourhoods.

There is usually a commission to be paid locally to the agency working with you, the commission vary from 15% to one month rent if you are staying for one year.

You might find useful the following article on long term rentals in Florence.

Happy search!