The vibrant and busy area of San Lorenzo is changing shape for good as the Florence city administration is clearing stalls and stands and relocate the flee market “bancarelle” to a new designated area.

San Lorenzo Market

San Lorenzo is the historical market right next to Piazza San Giovanni (the Duomo square) home of the magnificent church of San Lorenzo.  The area has been for decades the tourist souvenir’s and leather shopping street.

The city administration has rolled out a plan to re-qualify the entire area and offer more walking space clearing out the two long lines of stalls that have characterized the district for many years.

The walking has never been that easy with crowds of tourists trying to commute and shop from one sightseeing spot to the next. It’s a good thing, bad thing? It’s early to tell but for sure offering tourists little more space especially in front of the beautiful church of San Lorenzo can not do harm.

Picture credit: pawd & video credit: controradiotv