10 Top Restaurants With Terrace & View in Florence

10 top restaurants with view in florence

Florence can be appreciated nose up or nose down, it depends on your preferences! Florence is well known for being a “Museo a Cielo Aperto” which literally translates into “Open Sky Museum” and this couldn’t be more true. It’s fact you will be walking around the city with your nose up looking at buildings, statues, churches and a lot more! When it comes to dining you have many options a few of them is dining and looking down at the immense architectural and artistic treasure the city has to offer. Let’s review the 10 Top Restaurants With View in Florence.

In random order…

1) Terrazza Brunelleschi by Hotel Baglioni

The Terrazza Brunelleschi, is located on the fifth floor of the Grand Hotel Baglioni. In winter you can sit in the elegant room with a large panoramic window, while in spring and summer, the atmosphere becomes even more magical: dine in the moonlight, surrounded by plants and flowers. Every corner of the terrace with superb views over Florence, Giotto’s Campanile and Brunelleschi’s Dome, to the surrounding hills. The kitchen is Tuscan-inspired, modern twist. Be sue to check out their 360° video and gallery! And Facebook page!


Terrazza Brunelleschi logo


2) Hotel alla Scaletta

Another roof restaurant in Florence is at the Hotel Alla Scaletta. Open from May to October, the Panorama Restaurant offers dining under the stars and candlelight, with views of the greatest masterpieces of Florence, from the Pitti Palace to the Cathedral, passing near the Boboli Gardens. In the kitchen, are staged carefully selected raw materials and traditional Tuscan dishes and Mediterranean. For those who want there is also the pizza.


terrazza la scaletta hotel in florence


3) Golden View Open Bar

An experience not to be missed in Florence is also to dine overlooking the Arno. To prove it, one of the most appreciated terraces of the center is the Golden View Open Bar. It has a window overlooking the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi and in the spring or summer you can eat outdoors, admiring the Arno. The cuisine ranges from Tuscan dishes such as Florentine steak to raw fish and Mediterranean recipes to pizzas, topped with ingredients chosen with care.


Golden View Open Bar View Restaurant


4) Piazzale Michelangelo by Restaurant La Loggia

From Piazzale Michelangelo, then, a terrace from which to dominate with the eye the whole city is that of the Restaurant La Loggia. With a panoramic room in winter and an outdoor terrace for spring and summer, is located in a historic building, designed by one of the most famous architects of Florence, Giuseppe Poggi. The kitchen is entrusted to the wise guidance of Chef Franco Carnevale, combining creativity and attention to the raw materials, always seasonal.


La Loggia Restaurant with view florence


5) The Convent Marignolle

Yet another address as charming note for a special dinner overlooking Florence is The Convent Marignolle. It is located in a restored Renaissance villa in a wise, surrounded by twenty acres of gardens, and offers a breathtaking view of the architectural wonders of the city and surrounding hills. In the kitchen, the Tuscan tradition is carried out with care and sophistication.

il conventino restaurant with view in florence


6) Ristorante il Coccodrillo

The Croccodrillo Restaurant Florence gives you the unforgettable opportunity to dine in quality, within luxurious surroundings while looking  over the wonderful city of Florence. It offers a diverse and creative menu selection combining international cuisine with that refined touch of Italian, with a wine list to appeal even the discerning palate. This luxurious rooftop restaurant boasts an incredible panoramic view stretching across the beautiful city of Florence. Taking in the River Arno and out across towards Piazza del Duomo.


restaurant with view il coccodrillo



7) Terrazza Panoramica Palazzo Magnani Feroni

Palazzo Magnani Feroni is a refined luxury accommodation in Florence with a truly rare and unique feel. Step inside this sanctuary of style and Renaissance and meet the most seductive side of Florence. The panoramic terrace is on the roof of Palazzo Magnani Feroni. This is truly a special, privileged space that offers breathtaking views of the entire city of Florence, from a standpoint very few people can enjoy.


palazzo magnani feroni restaurant in florence

8) Sesto on Arno 6th floor The Westin Excelsior

SE·STO on Arno the rooftop bar and restaurant of the Westin Excelsior’s  Florence has finally re opened after an inactive period of approximately 20 years. It is almost entirely glass made. It’s unique location provides a breathtaking view of the whole city. The interiors feature along a curved wall covered in luxurious leather matching both the bar and restaurant. A wine cellar presented like precious jewels separates the bar and restaurant. On the outside two large terraces one for the restaurant and one to the bar.


sesto on arno rooftop restaurant in florence



9) Restaurant Aurora in Fiesole

Fiesole is  small hill town right above Florence that offers great views of the city as well as an amphitheater and Etruscan ruins. What’s better location for a day trip and a romantic dinner overlooking Florence? Aurora restaurant in Fiesole claims the most beautiful terrace on Florence! Located in the central square of Fiesole, with a 360 ° view of Florence. The restaurant has 90 seats inside and 100 on the rooftop terrace. From here you can enjoy the most romantic atmosphere thanks to the veranda and summer terrace, ideal place for business lunches and events.


restaurant aurora view on florence



10) Terrazza 45 Fiesole

Another elegant restaurant in Fiesole, Terrazza 45 offers a large window overlooking Florence from the hill town. A new restaurant soft chic born today in Fiesole, in an exclusive and accurate in every detail where you can taste simple and authentic flavors. Will serve even your breath with our beautiful terrace overlooking our beloved Florence.


terrazza 45 fiesole restaurant view view