When is the best time to come to Florence?

  • High Season from December 15th till January 10th
  • Low Season from January 16th till end of March
  • High Season from beginning of April till the end of June
  • Low Season beginning of July till the end of August
  • High Season beginning of September till the end of October
  • Low Season beginning of November till middle December

 icon-arrow-circle-o-right Florence is a preferred destination all time of the year and prices really don’t have much of a season, so don’t expect much change in rates.

Maximum lenght of stay in Italy

  • European citizens do not need a passport or any kind of visa to come to Italy for any length of stay.
  • Non European citizens, with exception of some countries, can stay in Italy up to 90 days without a Visa.
  • Non European citizens wishing to stay for longer than 90 days do all require a visa.

 icon-info-circle You can check the Esteri web site to see what is required according to your nationality.

 icon-exclamation-circle Ensure you have all the required documents for your stay in Italy before you reserve a property for long term.

Staying for longer than 3 months?

If you are planning to stay in Florence for longer than three months please be sure to have all the documents needed by NON – EU Citizens requested by Italian immigration laws.  With a valid passport you are entitled to stay in the Shengen area up to 90 days.

We’ve  prepared for your read a detailed article about renting properties for long term here, make sure to check it out!

When you rent a property for longer than 30 days the Property Owner is requested to register the contract to public authorities and both parties signing the contract require a social security number assigned.  It’s a simple process and only takes one of your mornings to go to the appropriate office and get assigned a social security number, be sure to bring your passport as well as  copy of it.

You can read more about getting your codice fiscale here:

When to plan the search for your stay?

Apartments and rooms for rent have spread out in the last few years making it very easy to find lodging for your stay, still cities like Florence, Rome and Venice see a massive request from both long term travelers and students coming for extended stay in our country. General advise is the sooner you plan your trip the more choice you will find, you can also wait last minute deals but at your own risk!

  • For short term rental from 3 days to a 1 week a couple of months ahead of time is enough!
  • For long term rental is always better to have a place secured by the time you arrive so at least 4 or 5 months ahead start your search!

 icon-exclamation-circle For those likely to book very ahead of time, lets say from 8 to 12 months before the actual check in booking conditions will be strict as payment might be in full and not refundable in case you cancel your stay.

Should I book online or locally?

Renting a place online, especially for long term is always a big responsibility and for sure looking with your own eyes is the best solution if you can do it.  Please keep in mind we do arrange visits only for stays of 60 days and up.

  • If you plan to schedule a visit we do for properties that have been offered to you.
  • If you plan to schedule a visit inform the list of active offers at least 5 business days prior you arrival date.
  • Properties might have current tenant and arranging visits is quite a complex issue, when you are in the property you don’t like to have visits so this for the current tenants.

We select properties and market them for you to book them from 1 day to 1 year, trust our suggestion and guidance.

Are utilities included for my stay?

Smile Up Short Term Rentals: Generally Yes!

  • Experienced Property Owners usually tend to include most utilities in the given rate, left aside
    ,at times, final cleaning and Internet.
  • Other Property Owners, against our suggestion, do not include utilities for daily and weekly rate.
 Long Term Rentals: in most cases no!

  • Unfortunately utilities in Italy are pricey and include them in long term rate
    is a risk.
  • What you usually pay aside is gas for both heating and cooking, water, electricity, final
    cleaning and internet.
 Smile Down

Expect to pay between from 60 € – 80 € up to 90 € – 120 € per person on utilities: the more you save the less you spend!

Water goes around 1.75 € for m3, Electricity 0.50 for KW and Gas for 1.10 € for c3 (cube meter) it translates in around 40 € to 80 € / month of consumption per person, easy these figures can really increase if you lack attention on consumption.

How do I sign off rental contract?

What if, for serious reason you have to vacate the property before the end of the expiration? Property Owners and Partner Managers cannot ask you to pay when you are not there so here is the deal. In the contract there is always a clause, which we include for your safety in the offer’s terms and conditions, where you can sign off a long term rental contract giving prior notification at least 30 or 60 days prior you departure, what does it mean?

  • If you rent a property for 6 months and after one month of your arrival you need to vacate the Property, two extra months will be charged even if you do not stay (60 days notice).
  • If you rent a property for 9 months and after the first month you need to vacate the Property, one extra month will be charged even if you do not stay (30 days notice).

The Italian law for our traditional contracts (4+4 years or 3+2 years etc) fore-seek a maximum of 90 days, but this applies for stay of a length of at least 12 months, for all other lengths 30 or 60 days will do.

Serious reason includes loss in the family, urges to return to your home country, health issues, property issues and so on.

How can I arrange a viewing of properties locally?

If you are planning to be in our city to visit properties locally please make sure you read and understand the following:

  • We organize visits for stays of 60 days and up not for daily, weekly or one month rent.
  • We do organize visits for properties you have been offered, we do not organize visits for properties you do not have an active offer for.
  • We need an advanced notice from you of at least 5 business days to arrange the visits of the properties you have been offered.

 icon-exclamation-circle Please keep in mind that arranging viewing is quite not that simple: most properties have already tenants in, some property owners might be out of reach, some others are booked while you read this. We’ll do every thing possible to schedule visits accordingly to availability.