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How much does it cost me?

How much does it cost me The lowest commission on the net!

  • We take a commission on top of the offered price.
  • A flat 12%

Who pays the commission?

  • The commission is paid at booking, by Clients.
  • The commission is not refundable.
Why we offer you the best deals for your stay?

  • Our competitors add their commission on top of the price.
  • Instead we take it from the offered price, so Property Owners and Partner Agencies keeps their rates down.

The best deal for long term rentals!

  • For long term rentals BOTH Property Owners and Clients are charged with a 10% or 15% or one month fee.
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How do I know a property is available?

We do not offer instant booking or search by dates features on our site yet but is possible to request availability to the properties as follow:

  • You can contact individual properties by using the contact form present at the bottom of each property detail page.
  • You can contact  ALL properties at once by using the form in the home page.

The only way to find out if a property is available or not for your stay is by sending a request.

How do I know a property has been offered to me?

After submitting your request of availability the property can:

  • Accept your request and send you a complete offer on the web site that you can book.
  • Decline your request and send you a notification of property not available.

Contact more than one property, or send a Generic Request from home page to receive more offers.  All offers are notified via email but accessible ONLY on the web site.

An offer will contain:

The property offered – either the ones you have specifically requested or others that can be available.

Arrival and departure dates – matching your dates but in some cases properties might still try to offer you alternative dates depending on their availability.

Number of guests allowed in the property – If you book a property for 3 people and show at check in in 5 people can result in additional charges, or worste a null booking voucher.

The total price of your stay – The total for the number of nights, weeks or months of your stay and for the total number of guests.

The extra costs – Costs not included in the given price (utilities, internet, final cleaning etc.)

The Terms and Conditions – Booking and cancellation policies (explained below).

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What do I pay to book an offer?

To book a property you have been offered the following payments will be required:

  • The payment of the “service fee”.
  • The payment of the  “security deposit” when / if required by the Property.

When do I receive confirmation of my booking?

The confirmation voucher will be issued immediately after the payment process has been completed.  Please remember that the voucher is valid for the number of guests and arrival and departure dates accepted in the offer. Changes in the number of guests or changes of the arrival date without communication or without written agreement among the parties can result in voiding the confirmed voucher.

How can I pay on your site?

Payments are processed via PayPal a worldwide trusted payment gateway to ensure every transaction is safe and protected.  At the time being no other payments method are available.

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What is the security deposit?

The Property has the faculty for every offer to request a security deposit that serves for both protection against cancellation before you arrive and eventual damages at the property during your stay.  It can be:

  • 50% refundable up to 60 days prior the arrival date, in case of cancellation by You it will then be refunded at check out (in case of no damages to the Property).
  • Not refundable in case of cancellation by You. Refunded in full at check out.
  • Requested at check in and refunded at check out.

The payment of the security deposit, when requested, is required along the payment of the service fee upon confirmation, is refunded at check out.

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What are your service fees?

We take a commission on the offered price: the 15% for short term rentals under 21 days, the 10% for stays up to 10 months and 8% for longer stays.  Our fees are not refundable in case of cancellation.

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When do I pay the balance for my stay?

  • The remaining amount due for stays from 1 day to 59 days will be paid upon arrival at the check in at the Property.
  • The remaining amount due for long term rentals will be due every month within 5 days from the date of the arrival.

When do I pay the extra costs?

  • Extra costs are indicated in every offer and will be printed out on the voucher.
  • For daily and weekly rentals not included costs can be paid at check out.
  • For monthly stays utilities will be measured at check in and paid every month.
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How do I cancel my booking?

  • Clients in need to cancel their booking are required to take contact with us.
  • Cancellations must can and must be processed within our service.

Can the property cancel my booking?

The property, shall never cancel a confirmed reservation for any reason. In the event we will do our best to provide you an alternative accommodation and if unsuccessful a full refund of the agency fee.

The Property Owner cancelling the booking for any reason will be invoiced the commission due.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”How do I check in the property?”]

Check in / Check Out & Late Arrival Fees.

Arrival to properties is generally between 14:00 and 19:00 and Check Out between 10:00 and 12:00 am.

Most properties do not have a reception so its mandatory to inform the Property via email or phone about exact arrival time at least two weeks prior arrival.

Not providing this information might not guarantee your Check In at the property upon arrival.

Some properties might apply late arrival fees, in this case such fees will be mentioned in the extra costs section.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Are Utilities Included?”]

Smile Up Short Term Rentals: Generally Yes!

  • Experienced Property Owners usually tend to include most utilities in the given rate, left aside
    ,at times, final cleaning and Internet.
  • Other Property Owners, against our suggestion, do not include utilities for daily and weekly rate.
 Long Term Rentals: in most cases no!

  • Unfortunately utilities in Italy are pricey and include them in long term rate
    is a risk.
  • What you usually pay aside is gas for both heating and cooking, water, electricity, final
    cleaning and internet.
 Smile Down

Expect to pay between from 60 € – 80 € up to 90 € – 120 € per person on utilities: the more you save the less you spend!

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