Booking Conditions


To “confirm”, “reserve”, “secure”, “book” a property offered for your stay you are requested to follow the procedure via the “Book Now” button present in any offer. We do not accept bookings via phone, email, fax unless agreed upon.

The payment of the “service fee” and when requested by the property the “refundable security deposit” is required to issue the confirmation voucher and confirm your booking.

After payment a Confirmation Voucher with arrival Contact information will be automatically issued.

The payment is processed via PayPal a trusted payment Gateways that ensures all transaction are safe and protected.

Validity of Confirmation

A reservation for a property is considered confirmed only after the payment is placed. The confirmation voucher is valid for the number of guests and arrival and departure dates accepted and booked.

Changes in the number of guests or changes of the arrival date without communication or without written agreement among the parties including us will void the confirmed voucher and reservation with no entitlement to any sort of reimbursement.

Payment of balance and extra costs

Balance for reservation made on request  will be paid upon arrival at check in the property directly to the Property Owner / Manager.

Extra costs not included in the total price for stays up to one month must be paid no later than the Check Out date. Payment must be placed locally, the amount can also be deducted by the Security Deposit if agreed by the parties.

Balance for long term rentals from 59 days up will be paid monthly, every 30 days from the date of the Check In until expiration of the stay. Late payment fees might be applied in the terms of the rental contract.

For long term rentals from 59 days up, additional costs such as Internet, water, gas, electricity, final cleaning, etc must be measured jointly between landlord and tenant at Check In and paid monthly along with the rent, every 30 or 60 days. Late payment fees might be applied in the terms of the rental contract.

Security Deposit

The property when makes an offer might require the payment of a refundable security deposit.

The security deposit serves as guaranty in case of cancellation prior Client’s arrival and can be also used as guaranty against any breakage caused by the Client during the stay. The security deposit will be transferred to the property the day of the check in and will be refunded at the time of check out deducted any outstanding utilities or bills for damages.

The security deposit at time of booking can be specified as follow:

50% refundable in case of cancellation up to 60 days prior check in date: in this case if you cancel within 60 days or more prior your arrival you will be reimbursed the 50% of the security deposit. If you cancel less then 60 days prior your arrival the security deposit will be lost. The security deposit will always be reimbursed at the end of your stay.

Not refundable in case of cancellation: in this case after booking, if you cancel your stay, you will not receive any reimbursement.

Requested at check in: in this case on top of the service fee required to place the booking you will not be asked any additional payment but upon arrival the specified amount will be required from you at check in. It will be reimbursed at your check out.

Security deposit refund 

The security deposit can be refunded at the end of your stay minus outstanding utilities balance, or final extra fees specified in the extra costs section of every offer. It cannot be used to pay the last months of rent.

Contract registration and fees

In Italy rental contracts over 30 days require a formal registration to the public authorities, depending on the fiscal regime chosen by the property the cost can be 0 or the 2% of the total rental costs plus 30 € in stamps. The resulting amount is paid at 50% between the landlord and tenant.

City tax: € 3 per day per person untill 7 days

Breaking the contract prior expiration

If you intend to leave the property prior natural expiration of contract and stay end term, Client will have to communicate this to the Property Owner or Manager at least 60 days prior departure, thus paying the full rent amount for the following 60 days.

Agency Fee

The “agency fee” or “service fee” or “commission” or “booking fee” is calculated on the offered price in percentage and requested as payment jointly with the “security deposit” when specified by the property at the time of offers. The booking fee is not refundable.

Check in & Check Out procedure & Late Arrival Fees

Arrival to properties is between 14:00 and 20:00 and Check Out between 10:00 am.
Most properties do not have a reception so its mandatory to inform via email or phone about exact arrival time at least two weeks prior arrival.
Not providing this information might not guarantee your Check In at the property upon arrival.
Some properties might apply late arrival fees, in this case such fees are mentioned in the extra costs section.

Cancellation by the Property Owner of Partner Agency

The Property Owner or Partner Agent, Manage shall never cancel a booking / confirmation, in the remote case this take place we will provide full refund of both Agency Fee and Security Deposit paid at booking in the case a new suitable property will not be found.
The Property Owner canceling the booking for any reason will be invoiced the commission due.

Cancellation by the Client

Clients must communicate and process cancellation of the bookings directly with us via support section of this web site. Please acknowledge that canceling your booking will incur in loosing the non refundable paid service fee as well as the security deposit when requested by the property at the conditions of refundability specified.

Refund will be make not before 30 working days.