Welcome to the revamped site of Firenze Lodging! We’ve been around for quite some time, starting off with a few privately owned properties and gradually growing the listing including more private owners and partner agencies.

Were we’re different? Our booking system sets us apart from the competition which has over the years grown up exponentially as the apartment rental business. Back in the early 2000 there were very few properties for rent and also just a handful of sites. Things have changed and now big giants such as Airbnb, Booking and other dozens of sites offer apartment rental listing to choose from.

Why should you choose us? Although working strictly online we know the city of Florence, check the city guide we offer as free content and tips for your stay. We do know Florence inside out, maybe we aren’t expert of the treasure our city it holds but we have a good experience to suggest which property or area you should choose from.

Either you stay for a short stay or a longer term we’ll be happy to connect you with dozens of suitable properties to fit your needs.

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