Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Ads Italy srl (hereafter referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) provides an online platform and application that connects hosts who have accommodations to rent, with guests seeking to rent such accommodations via its websites and any other websites through which Ads Italy srl makes its service available.

By using the Site and Application, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use (“Terms”), whether or not you become a registered user of the Services.

Role of Ads Italy srl

The task of Ads Italy srl is to connect property owners, vacation rental agencies, real estate agencies, property managers or other entities that offer accommodation for rent (hereafter referred to as “Accommodation Providers”, ) with potential Clients for the conclusion of business through the service provided by this online portal.

Marketing Authorization

Ads Italy srl is expressly authorized by the Accomodation Providers to promote their properties through their online catalogs, collaboration with the tourism industry and real estate industry, both domestic and foreign, national and international magazines, specialized trade fairs, national and international search engines, social networks.

Additional services to Accommodation Providers

Ads Italy srl regarding long terme reservations offers its service primarily and exclusively through its web site and does not offer additional services such as on-site reception for arrival and departure of Clients, assistance during their stay, registration service of contracts, take-care of property, unless agreed differently to be evaluate for each individual case.

Regarding short term reservations, we provide service of check in and assistance during the stay

No Exclusivity

The Accommodation Provider can also rent properties directly or through other agencies without owing anything to Ads Italy srl by way of commission or fee.

Maintenance of the Accommodations on the site

Listing on our web sites is completely free and there is no one-time, monthly or annual fee for keeping listed the accommodations with us. Ads Italy srl . Reserves the right at anytime to suspend, cancel the advert for noncompliance to the present agreement.

Creating Account & Adverts

As an Accommodation Provider you may at any time Create an Account via the *add property page* the Accommodation Provider claims to be in possession of all licenses, permits and qualifications required for the activity and to raise Ads Italy srl from any liability in this regard.

The accommodation created by the Accommodation Provider alone or with Ads Italy srl assistance will be presented in the detail page of the web site and consists of the following sections:

Name of Accommodation and Category: name of the Accommodation chosen by the Accommodation Provider or by courtesy of Ads Italy srl who also reserves the right to rename the Accommodation Name at anytime. The name once chosen cannot be change by the Accommodation Provider.

“Master data” containing digital data representing characteristics of the key information of the accommodation such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, floor, size, etc.

“Map & location”, the exact map address of the Accommodation and an editable text field containing a description of surrounding area local services. We reserve the right to make public the accurate address or not for marketing porpoises.

“Facilities” divided if needed in communal, property and services will represent the list of facilities included / provided by the accommodation by way of example: dryer, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning, internet, gardening, swimming pool etc.

“Price list”, representing the listing price of your accommodation by day week or month and periods and seasons. In order market up to date prices and to better present the real status of the advert is suggested to update the price list at least once a year.

“Extra Costs” is an editable field of text used to specify what services or facilities are not included in the given price list, as by way of example: Internet not included, utilities not included.

“Terms and condition & cancellation policies”, booking. Refer to the section booking conditions in order to view those provided by Villas & Rentals Co. Ltd.

The Accommodation Provider alone or with the assistance of Ads Italy srl is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted and published in the above mentioned sections and raises any liability in regards of misunderstandings with future Clients.

Renaming the Property

Ads Italy srl reserves the right to rename the structure with fantasy names in order to ensure better visibility and improve Accommodation Marketing.

Property Removal & Account Suspension

Ads Italy srl reserves the right to publish, suspend, cancel, remove the advert submitted due to failure in the compliance of these terms or any other reason without communication to the Accommodation Provider.

Responsibility of digital material published

The Accommodation Provider is responsible for the digital photographic material and any other illustrative material (video, panoramic, etc..) and declare themselves in possession of all the rights of use and copyrights. Hereby authorize Ads Italy srl to affix a watermark (a digital logo appended to the image) to discourage copying and reuse by third parties. The Accommodation Provided therefore indemnify Ads Italy srl from any possible damage suffered by, or claims by third parties in relation to the publication of the aforementioned digital material.

Usage of the Web Platform

After account creation and advert submission the Accommodation Provider will have access to the personal control panel of the application where will be in full autonomous control of the advert modification page, account modification page and control panel for handling Client’s requests and offers, messages and bookings.

Client’s Requests

A Client registered to the site or not registered can send a request of availability to one or more properties or send a Generic Request forwarded to all available accommodations by filling out the Direct Request Availability web form at the bottom of each presentation page or through the Generic Request Form available on the main page of the application.

All Requests will be notified via email to the email address provided by the Accommodation Provider in the General Account Settings used during registration. Notifications of all requests, messages, bookings can only be sent to one email address per account.

Responding to Request with offers

The Accomodation Provider on the web application once authenticated to his account and adverts can reply to requests of availability with customizable offers for each of his / her properties.

Direct requests from Clients to specific properties must be answered as soon as possible (12-24 hours) or declined if not available by clicking on the “decline request” button present in the request detail page.

Generic request can be answered with any given property at anytime, keep in mind offers in reply to Generic Requests sent to all properties have less chances to have a positive confirmation, while replies to direct requests show interest in that property and must be answered quickly.
Each offer is composed by the following sections:

 Property Selection – The Accommodation Provider can select the Property under the Account who wish to offer to that particular request. If the account has more than one property any available property can be offered depending on availability.

Offer Expiration – Each offer has an expiration date set to 7 (seven) days from the day of the submission of the offer. It is the default time frame in which the Client can perform the booking. The expiration can be reduced or extended, if the offer expires and Clients has not yet placed the booking the Client can ask for an offer renewal at anytime.

Arrival and Departure Guest – the Accommodation Provider can confirm the dates specified in the availability request or can suggest alternative dates in regards of property availability.

Number of Guests – the Accommodation Provider must acknowledge / confirm the number of guests allowed in the property for that particular Client / offer.

Total Price – Is the total price offered for the Client’s request counting the total number of days, weeks, months, years and for the total number of guests.

Extra Costs – Is an editable field of text where can be specified any additional cost of facility or service not included in the given / offered price. It’s mandatory to specify any additional cost not included in the given total price to avoid misunderstandings regarding local payment of additional services not specified in the offer.
Ads Italy srl which will be calculated on the submitted total price entered by the Accommodation Provider in each offer. Refer to Booking Conditions & Commissions for more information.

Security Deposit – the Accommodation Provider can ask for an additional amount of money as Security Deposit, this deposit will be handled by Ads Italy srl and paid directly to the Accommdotion Provider upon Confirmation of the Client. Refer to Booking Conditions & Commissions for more information

Terms and Conditions – Refer to Booking Conditions & Commissions for more information.

Check in and Check out procedure – this section will detail the arrival information and local contact information as printed in the Confirmation Voucher.

Personal messages and Chat of the application.

In order to make more personal and trust able each offer negotiation has a Chat section where Accommodation Providers and Clients can exchange further information such questions, explanation, negotiation, etc under our constant monitoring and assistance.

It’s forbidden to use the chat to exchange personal information, including phone numbers, email addresses or arrange contacts outside the service and application and by any means any attempt to by pass the application.

Attempting personal contacts will incur in both Client’s and Accommodation Provider accounts suspension.

We do provide continued assistance and if there will be the need of a personal contact between Accommodation Provider and Client we’ll do our best to make this happen, without having to misuse the application.

Communications between Accommodation Providers and Clients must be exclusively through the web platform: the exchange of phone numbers, e-mail or internet contact in any format, leading to the conclusion of the deal with avoidance of our Service entitles Ads Italy srl to suspend immediately Accommodation Provider and Client’s account.

Relations between Accommodation Providers, Clients and Ads Italy srl

Ads Italy srl role is to offer its platform to Accommodation Providers and Clients to meet online and to conduct private negotiation and to conclude rental agreement between themselves.

As fee for this service a commission is charge on every concluded offer. Our commission are not refundable with the exempt of some special cases, refer to Booking and Condition section.

Ads Italy srl instruct both Clients and Accommodation Providers on how to reach agreements and suggest rules of behaviors on how to market an accommodation and provides guidance to Clients in choosing their offers for the stay.

Ads Italy srl does not manage directly the property listed therefore does not offer a service of quality checks or verifying the accuracy of the information of the listed adverts.

Accommodation providers are free to list their accommodation with no limitation and are themselves responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information entered.

We are not liable of any misrepresented information or accuracy of the listing provided. We are not liable for issues among Accommodation Providers and Clients once the negotiation is concluded.

We do offer a complete set of tools for both Accommodation Provider and Clients to conduct business in a safe and trusted environment, providing optimized booking conditions, direct assistance on every offer.

Malfunctioning of the site

Ads Italy srl can not be held responsible for the failure of our web sites if this does not depend by its management.