Finding a good steak in Florence can be at times quite difficult not all restaurants that advertise Fiorentina beef steak do have it right! Perseus is located near Piazza della Liberta just a little outside the city center with an easy reach by walking from Piazza Indipendenza going north.

The restaurant is large with over 200 seats, the staff can be friendly if you know them if not there are reports of not a top notch service.  Their main specialty is as mentioned in the title the Florentine Steak, the famous tall chunk rare-cooked and served T-Bone.

Restaurant Perseus in Florence

Viale Don Minzoni 10/R
50129 Florence, Italy
Phone +39 055 588226

A good tip for getting a better service and attention when you eat in Florence, if a place is reviewed so so but you still want to try do it during weekdays, if the place on weekends is packed you’ll get less attention and less service.  Stop at the restaurant to make a reservation at 5:30 or 6:00 for 8:00 or 9:00, ask the waiter or the owner if they will be there, try to get a bit of attention, this trick will unleash sympathy and for sure you’ll get a good service!

There is always a way!