This is the place for what you’ll thank Firenze Lodging mentioning it as the Trattoria Al Contadino offers very good food at very good price, yes in Florence: from 8.50 € to 12.50 € for full meal lunch or dinner, please rub your eyes…it’s not a miss-typo!

As you can expect is one restaurant we often go ourselves for Lunch or Dinner as the place is really, really good, quick service, fixed choice but updated daily!  They do not take reservation so if it’s crowded you’ve got to wait outside but be sure the service inside is synchronized and efficient machine you will not wait long.  

Trattoria al Contadino

Via Palazzuolo, 69/71r Florence Phone+39 055 238 2673

Website or check the Trattoria Il Contadino Facebook Page

It’s located in Via Palazzuolo a very multicultural area of Florence: among Indian, Pakistan, Russian shops yet living in good harmony (they also go eat there!) this reasonable priced and excellent quality restaurant makes it a perfect stop for your time in Florence.

If you haven’t got message above please look for yourself at the prices 🙂

Trattoria il Contadino Fixed Price Menu