“Click Clock Click Clock – Whooh!” this is a sound of the Fiaccheraio whizzing by your ear honking the horn that you will happen to ear once in Florence.  You’ll probably see also smiley tourists – spouses – families with children on the carriage with the horse!

A Fiaccheraio and his horse

The term Fiaccheraio has far behind in time origins, born in France and precisely in Paris in the first half of ‘600, taking the name from a carriage rental company (what would have been a Uber for this!) and after then “Tuscanised” becomed fiacchere or fiàcher. Fiacchere were so called carriages available to citizens and tourists to move around the city, you could count up to 400 in Florence.

Today the situation has changed dramatically: the carriage drivers shrunk to only 12 units after the advent of cars and public services this dozen to get the license not only have learn how to bring the carriage, but how to be a true guide of Florence: they must know the history of the city, monuments and routes. There are no foreign language examinations, but many of them are studying independently.