Many of our Clients are Students looking for lodging in Florence from few weeks up to several months or more, we are here to help you with your search!

!!! We love to work with Students as long as they keep in mind the following rules !!!

  • Firenze Lodging is a licensed real estate agency working primarily online so we do work based on commissions which are always included in the given price of an offer!
  • By working online we can offer you highly competitive rates so booking your long term on our site cuts off a traditional agency commission of 50%.
  • Our commission is always included in the given rate you find in every offer you receive on our site so you don’t have to pay any additional local fees for our online service.
  • We like to work with mature minded Clients, so if you are looking for the last bargain, ditch the rules and see for a direct contact with a Property Owner please feel free to search the web somewhere else but also be aware of scams.

A student Guide for Renting Apartments

We suggest you also to give a read to our previous articles about finding lodging the easy way or the hard way, they are still up 2 date so give them a read!

Briefly, advice for Students looking for lodging is the following:

  • Florence is a relatively expensive city and finding an entire apartment even a small studio under 650 € is hard to find!  We suggest you to read our article covering apartment’s prices for long term.
  • Firenze Lodging offers a great system to find lodging in Florence but trying to hack the system by performing a team’s search is not going to help you getting more offers on this site.
  • Utilities in long term rentals are usually NOT INCLUDED so do your math before renting your flat because these costs could really change the final monthly price.
  • If you are looking to share rental fee among other Students we recommend you to find trustable flatmates!
  • Cover yourself with a regular rental contract because when you book a property for over 30 days Italian law requires to sign a formal rental contract between you an the landlord.
  • Don’t over-think, the more time you wait on offers the less property you find available, you should set yourself a time frame withing making a decision.  Browsing dozens of properties, visiting tens of places is going to make you even more confused so keep in mind to limit the search to only those properties you are really interested in.

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