Florence during summer can get very hot so what best than refreshing yourself in the green and fountains of Giardino di Boboli? You’ll feel like the King in the ancient time, beside you will not be able to have it all for yourself nor jump in any of the fountains!

Giardino di Boboli in Florence

The Boboli Gardens is a historic park in the city of Florence. Born as the garden of the Grand Ducal palace Pitti, is also connected to the Forte di Belvedere, a military outpost for the safety of the sovereign and his family. The garden, which welcomes more than 800,000 visitors every year, is one of the most important examples of Italian gardens in the world and is a true open-air museum for settings, architectural, landscape and for the collection of sculptures, ranging from Roman antiquity to the twentieth century.

If reading isn’t your thing then maybe this well done video can help! The Boboli Garden Explained!

The Garden is a quite complex structure with many sculptures, passageways, buildings, museum inside the gardens, and even the official wikipedia page in English does not mention enough. ¬†Here is a link of the Italian version translated into English by Google Translation Services, the result is quite understandable and its a good starting point for having a first idea about what you’ll be visiting. ¬†Here the link to Giardino di Boboli.