Casa Buonarroti is the house-museum of Michelangelo in Florence, housed in the building of the Buonarroti family in via Ghibellina corner of Via Buonarroti.

Casa Buonarroti the House of Michelangelo

Michelangelo was not born here, but in Caprese near Arezzo, and moved to Florence when his father Ludovico di Leonardo moved to hold a public office. It is not even the only residence inhabited by Michelangelo in the city.  Ironically he also never saw the building or ever lived in because only his younger brother taking some drawings from the master took care of the building.

The building was then enlarged and restored in its present form in 1612 by his son Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, great-grandson of the great artist. Here he then lived for centuries the Buonarroti family.

Casa Buonarroti the House of Michelangelo Building

The external appearance of the building is quite simple the main point of interest is the beautiful collection of works of the illustrious sculptor collection over the centuries by the descendants , from the sons of his brother (Michelangelo never had children) . 

It also exposed a model that was used to move the sling David Piazza della Signoria to the Museum of the Academy in 1872.

Certainly stand the works of Michelangelo , notably two early works of interest to understand the stylistic evolution of the master : the refined bas-relief of the Madonna della Scala, first documented work of 1490-92 , inspired by Donatello , and especially the Centauromachia or Battle of the Centaurs , carved just 16 years.

It also exposed the torso of a river god ( metal casting ) and a wooden model of Michelangelo’s project for the façade of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, work has started.

It’s for sure a place to learn more about Michelangelo and the complexity of the period of the Renaissance.