Florence is well known for Art and History and what better place than our city to view pieces from unique collections? In Via Maggio in Florence there is a very high concentration of Antique Stores and Galleries, the pieces are unique and very pricey but you can still enter and ask for more information about the history of one artwork or a piece of furniture.

Via Maggio in Florence Antiques Palaces and Stores

The Street of Via Maggio

During the sixteenth century became one of the most aristocratic streets of the city, when the noble families competed with each other to build beautiful buildings.¬†There are many that are distinguished by beauty and significant decoration from the most influential families of Florence.¬†Even after losing the function of “court road”, Via Maggio has maintained an elegant character, thanks to numerous antique stores of prestige, which often are located on the ground floor of the buildings.

On the ground level you’ll find many shops that sell antiques paintings, furniture and prestigious collection’s items if you are a fan of antiques here is the place to visit.