The Arno river shares a long history wth the city of Florence. It originates near Mount Falterona, near the Appenine mountains to later on spread itself in Toscany to ultimately flow into the Marina of Pisa.

The Arno passes under six bridges in Florence that were first made of wood. In 1202 the river destroyed the bridges, which were then rebuilt with stone. The lovestory between the Arno and the city of Florence has always had its sweet and bitter ways. Several floods struck Florence until 1966, causing heavy damages to the population and its structures. Even the general conditions of the river are not such a beautiful site. The water might not be crystal clear but it does allow activities like rowing and fishing. Around the river it is a perfect spot to sunbathe during the summer as the water level goes considerably low.

The Arno river - Florence

During the night, the two streets running along the river are perfect for the nightlife. The “Chioschino” is very famous spot for the youth, as the drinks cost around 3 to 4 euros and one can sit and chat along the river. Even the “Eskimo” is a great option. It opens only during the summer and is located right below Piazza Giuseppe Poggi

If you want to take a piece of advice, to enjoy the sunset in Florence, Reach upto Michelangelo square and look towards Ponte Vecchio. It most certainly is a beautiful view!

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