Amerigo Vespucci is the airport of Florence and it is not as big as many might expect. With a constant flow of tourists, students and workers, one might end up saying “Did I take the wrong flight?”. To be honest the airport has even been expanded in 2009. Which lets me conclude saying – the best of the city is yet to be seen 🙂

Florence Airport

Anyway once you are out of the airport you have a few solutions to reach the center since the airport is atleast 20 minutes away by transport. If you are flying with Ryan air as you may know you will be landing in Galileo Galilei airport of Pisa. Even from there there are frequent trains to Florence so no worries. 
Taxi: There is a taxi stand on the right of the exit.

Bus: There is a shuttle that comes approximately every 20 minutes. For tickets one can directly ask the bus driver. For the timings and other info click here.

Car Rentals: There is the Car rentals stores a block to the left of the exit. Specially for car rentals it is best one orders the car in advance online and must present himself or herself with a copy of the booking number…and with a valid driving license of course 🙂