Wine tasting tours, City Itineraries Guided Tours, Bike Tours in Florence, Vespa Tours, Shopping Tours and so many others can be booked in advance to enjoy Florence without a minute rest!

Here a list of resources (random order) to get your tours booked in advanced before for those who hate last minute things!

1) is yet another worldwide scale website that promotes tours and packages from licensed tour agencies, check out promotions and discounts by clicking on the site’s snapshot down below.

Viator Tour Booking Service
Viator Web Site

1) Under the Tuscan Sun offers tours of various kind from Cooking Classes Tours, Walking and Sightseeing tours, Vespa, Balloon & Horse Tours as well as other package tours.

Under the Tuscan Sun Florence Tours
Under the Tuscan Sun official web site.

2) Florence Town is another established tour agency offering interesting tours and packages, Inferno Guided Tour, VIP Cooking Classes and Market Tour, Vasari and Uffizzi morning VIP tour, also don’t miss a great tour of the 5 Terre!

Florence Town Tours
Florence Town Official Web Site

3) Florence for fun offers tours geared to a younger crowd, don’t miss Pizza & Gelato classes, want to watch a Fiorentina’s soccer game (this year doing very well!)

Florence for fun specials
Florence for fun official website!


The above was a very short list of agencies providing tours in Florence, a Google search will blow your mind with results.  When you choose the company for your tour make sure is a reliable and licensed agency to avoid any issue!

Here some extra links: