Buca Lapi is on the most popular steak places in Florence, well crowded and well priced too a good steak won’t come cheap but we truly wish you can spare some extra money saved on accommodation on a very good steak!

Bistecca alla Fiorentina


You might be wondering why a restaurant is called Buca, well with *Buca* literlly *hole*where given names to restaurants or small Osterie and Trattorie located underground. Despite being underground don’t expect too much of a cheap and low priced place, Buche can be full featured restaurant where your Euro can run out quick with a 1.5 kg steak 60 € and a bottle of good wine 30 € a 2 person meal about 50 € to 70 €, each!

Buca Lapi steak in Florence

Buca Lapi, Via del Trebbio 1/r
Tel. 055-213768