You wonder Florentines in their mid 30’s and 40’s go to relax and socialize with the last fancy clothes and shoes, well at Cafè de Paris you have a chance to blend in the culture!


CAFE DE PARIS :: Piazza DALMAZIA, 7R :: FIRENZE :: Tel. 393.9220006 – 055.4220505

You might want to go around 7 or 8 pm and enjoy a cocktail and a stand up meal buffet style, be ready for a culture shock as this is really what Florence does at night!  Don’t expect much of a place to make new friends and Florentines are di per se very close and hardly will come up and speak to you, but you get the experience as a foreigner might be still a place to enjoy Italian Aperitivo!

Check their Facebook Page or Google Plus for updates & events.