Does only Venice Carnival exhisit in Italy? It seems as if in other parts of Italy we don’t know how to celebrate it 🙂 How about trying out cities and towns like Florence, Arezzo and many other smaller but typical old towns that boast an authentic tradition of the carnival festival?

Carnival is a time for being merry and having both hands always busy, one with food and the other with drinks 🙂

Carnival of Florence

The next Carnival comes up in February which continues for five days! The days are yet to be decided but it is worth the wait. The first day of the celebration is called “berlingozzo” which is also called Fat Thursday. Its a big participation for all the age groups as kids and grown ups put on their masks and costumes to add a bit of spark to the event. While some put on the costumes of their favorite actor or cartoon star, others prefer to dramatise by wearing all sorts of funny costumes.

The berlingozzo comes from the name of a simple cake, known for its ring shape and made normally at every home from flour, baking, eggs, sugar and lemon. Even the tuscan “cenci” will be on the table and don’t miss out on it.

That’s not it! There will be the Parade of course! A long slow march from Piazza Ognissanti to Piazza della Signoria representing 36 nations that present their costume traditions. An ancient town with a great history full of colour and decorations truly en carves a wonderful experience for people both living in the city and for those coming for a short visit. There is always something special that awaits you here.