If during your strolls in the city centre of Florence have you ever bumped into into some small food carts selling roasted nuts in little white bags at the average shocking price of 5 € each you have found Ballotte or Caldarroste or Bruciate which are some of the most common Tuscan & Florentine names for this dry winter season juicy fruit.

The real deal is if you go to one of the groceries or vegetable stores and buy a Kilo for about two 2 euro or less, but as we know the magic is to look at and speak to the guy at the cart and buy your tiny gold priced bag of nuts  and keep on your walk around Florence.

It will be more expensive for sure but at least you will not risk of any afterwards indigestion of eating too many nuts off your Kilo and you burned pan!

Thanks for pictures from Daniele, uomoelettrico