Space Electronic in Florence is probably the oldest Club in Florence, born in 69 has entertained Floernce for generations from fathers to sons Space Electronic has been able to maintain quality, sound, innovate and chill for decades.

Space Electronic in Via Palazzuolo Florence

From the prophetic vision of the three Italian scholars of the “beat generation,” Carlo Caldini, Mario Bolognesi and Fabrizio RiversĀ is the beginning of his legend., the historic Florentine nightclub Space.

Its console has been overwhelmed by the most important dj’s music scene: from Chinghy, MIMS, DJ UNK Chris Willis, Pitbull … and many others, capable of fiery track with an explosive mix of Italian and international music enriched by numerous experiments …

Fat Joe

Always been characterized by a focus on the special effects: the laser show, the videodiscoteca, the first light conch, the ship of light, Space today is the result of that culture “underground” of the 60s and that passion for the music for more than four generations ago vibrate the evenings Florence.

Lloyd Banks

Space Electronic is locatedĀ via Palazzuolo 37 Firenze – tel. + 39 055 293082

You can check Space Electronic Official Web Site or check Space Official Facebook fan page!

Music at 360 degrees and futuristic visions … this is Space!