Fiesole Near Florence

Fiesole, founded in the 9th century BC is known as the town on the top of the hill that watches over Florence. Due to its geographical location, the Etruscans chose Fiesole as the defence of the Arno valley. The town was built by the Etruscans and there still are remains of the Etruscan wall that evidence her importance in the Etruscan confederacy.  Earlier the town was known as Faesulae and was more powerful than Florentia(Florence).

After a long and peaceful reign of the Byzantines in 1025, Fiesole was finally overthrown by Florentia thanks to the Roman settlements that contributed in the flourishing of the town.

Ironically, now Fiesole is visited for the wonderful view it offers of Florence. Anyway apart from that there are several sites to visit. For example the Roman baths, the Roman theatre, The town hall of the 14th century called the Palazzo Comunale , the Cathedral of Fiesole San Romolo, the San Francesco monastery and the Bandini Museum. Other than the given names most of the rich population built villas in Fiesole to get away from the hectic city life.

A town that should be given the right importance and respect for what it actually is. Lovely site and not difficult to get to. If you do not want to go with the car there is a frequent number 17 ATAF bus that leaves from the SMN station. A 20 minute drive and you’re there! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Living in Italy