Montepulciano Around Florence

The Montepulciano wine is quite a luxury and bringing it to your lips will never be a normal occasion. Take this opportunity to see where this wonderful wine really comes from, the medival town of Montepulciano is located n the province of Siena. Apart from the wine the town is generaly known for its agricultural contribution. The pork and cheese are some of the other delicacies made here.

How to get there

By car: Fom Florence it is just an hour and a half trip. Just follow this route.

From Siena, an hour and you reach your destination following this route.

By train: Just jump into the train to Chiusi. Then take a second train which will take you directly to Montepulciano in 15 minutes or take the Siena Mobilità bus.

What to see:

The Palazzo comunale designed by Michelozzo, Palazzo Tarughi, The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the sanctuary of Madonna di San Biagio. The sanctuary remains outside the town going towards Chianciano.