Perugia Near Florence

Perugia is the capital city of the region of Umbria. Perugia too was part of the Roman empire. Now though large parts has been destroyed because of the wars and a number of earthquakes. There also is a flow of students, ranging from 40000-5000, in the city especially from the US. The Chocolate festival and the Perugia Jazz festival are other main events along the year.

Getting there

  1. By car:
    From Florence click here
    From Rome click here
  2. By train: There are trains leaving directly for Perugia from Florence and Rome. Perugia has a lovely trasport system including a metro which takes you around the city very comfortably. Just ask for the minimetro timings from the info desk s at the station or directly in the municipality of the city center.
  3. By plane: The ryan air flies directly to Perugia! Fom the airport there is a limited bus service that takes you to the center. If you are landing in Pisa then it is a3 to 4 hour trip by train.

Within the center the Duomo (Cathedral) of San Lorenzo is interesting but the city has a number of other attractions like the Basilica of San Domenico, Palazzo dei Priori , Fontana Maggiore, the Hypogeum of the Volumnus family( a Etruscan tomb) and the National museum of Umbrian Archeology. It has a baroque facade and Roman ruins below dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth century. Most of the well known artworks are of Luca Signorelli.

A circular tour of the Umbria region could be taken in a range of pretty historic towns which are Assisi, Spello, Spoleto, Orvieto, Lake Trasimeno and Gubbio. There are numerous other little towns to explore if one has more time. It never ends when it comes to ancient towns to explore 😀

Special thanks to Umbriaverde