Leonardo Da Vinci Manuscript

Vinci is a town in Tuscany surrounded by hills, emersed with vineyards and olive trees. It is the birthplace of the one and only Leonardo da Vinci.

Getting there

  • By bus and train: The easiest way to reachVinci is to take a train till Empoli and then a bus to the town. There are no direct buses that reach there. From Empoli buses go every 40 minutes excepting weekends that could take a little more time. Please verify as you reach when is the last bus to not find yourself without transport later! the bus company is COPIT. Here are the present timings of the bus.

The main attraction are the farmhouse of Leonardo, the museum of Leonardo where most of his work lies(the rest is in Florence), the church of Santa Croce and the Castle.

The original construction of the castle is still the dominant presence in Vinci which dates back to the medieval times and is known in folk talk as “the castle of the ship”. This is because of  the elongated shape and the tower that refers to the shape of a sailboat.

Vinci Manuscript picture http://www.flickr.com/people/jaycross/