Florence is an expensive city especially for lodging  there is little doubt on this, so before you attempt in finding rates which are simply not available here we’ll try to save some time to your search!

An apartment with two double bedrooms with air conditioning, internet, satellite tv, terrace, nice views, parking, centrally located at let’s say less than 900 € / mo you are searching for something it’s not here!

A nice one bedroom apartment fully furnished with air conditioning, internet wifi, modern, centrally located at less than 600 € / mo once again not in here.

Here we are going to recap what are the prices for lodging in Florence, the very basic no fancy places just what you get for the minimum:

  • Single Room in a shared apartment 250 € / 350 €
  • Double Room in a shared apartment 450 € / 550 €
  • Studio private apartment / loft 650 € / 750 € and up!
  • One bedroom apartment / loft 750 € / 1200 € and up!
  • Two bedroom apartment 950 € / 1500 € and up!
  • Three bedroom apartment 1200 € / 1800 € and up!
  • Four bedroom apartment from 1500 € / 2500 € and up!
These are generally prices you should expect to pay for securing a place for stay, they can really go up depending on the level of luxury you desire, consider a one bedroom fancy location with high tech appliances, modern & styled furnishing, terrace with views can easily hit the 3 or 4 thousand a month!

Picture from gerlos