If you are looking for a reasonable priced restaurant in town and you want to taste simple, regional food cooked as it was used to you have to go to Zeb, which stands for Zuppa e Bollito, two typical dishes belonging to Florentine tradition.


Zeb is not a real restaurant, but an old family run grocery shop, restored in a very modern way: in the middle you can find the long table with all kind of cut meats, affettati, then first hot dishes, cheeses and all kind of delicatessen.

What can you eat? The most known dishes of our cooking tradition: tomato soup, ribollita, tripe, meat cooked in various ways, lasagne and much more. All of this combined with a good glass of our red wine, the Chianti. Prices are inexpensive and it proves that also in Florence you can eat well without spending a fortune.

You can also shop there: buy the bread, the milk, pasta and try to cook yourself with genuine flavours.

Zeb is in one of the nicest area of Florence called San Niccolò, where you can still breath the old Florence atmosphere; here you can find Florentine who love to stroll along the river, have a nice chat and in the evening the area is even more alive because of the so many trattorias and bars.

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Zeb, Via san Miniato 2, Firenze zebgastronomia.com