Update !!! Sorry this fun, yummy place has closed …

The uniqueness of the web and blogging is that you find lots of info for free and the best local insights about places and things never tour guides will be able to tell you either in books or online.

Circolo la Rondinella

On a Saturday break lunch I decided to skip my favorite Kebub place to go over the Rondinella Circolo sociale right on Lungarno Santa Rosa N2. What are circoli sociali you might be asking yourself?
Well picture workers and their break lunch, older folks playing cards, smoking rooms and pool tables, politics alike meeting and festivals, little kids getting together for social activities, that’s right it all happens in Circoli Sociali.

Fancy style and smiling service is out of these places and be prepared to get your order taken with a grin from a family business where a kind rusty ways it’s the rule…!

Right by the Lungarno Santa Rosa and few strolls away from the spectacular Ponte Vecchio adventurous travelers will find a place even lots of residents don’t have a clue about therefore¬† if you go proudly say you are ahead of locals.


Enjoy !