After scraping up a few of the restaurants in and around San Lorenzo let’s find out a few places really inside of San Lorenzo, we mean really inside of San Lorenzo Market.  The San Lorenzo Market is also known in Italian as the Mercato Centrale, or Central Market where you’d go for grocery shopping.  The Central Market not only offers fresh meats, vegetables and fruit but full featured restaurants where you can eat.

1) Da Nerbone in Florence the most notorious Lampredotto in Florence!

If you got the guts to eat guts then Florence is probably your city! We have a long tradition of eating poor dishes which mean not throwing away anything that can be eaten and will not kill you 🙂 In the list pop up for sure Lampredotto, which is the final part of the intestine which is one popular meat Florentines eat in a sandwich or simply in a doggy box served with bread and wine on the side!

Nerbone is located right inside the Central Market of Florence and offers this and more dishes for a quick stand up meal, expect the place to be very crowded and noisy and if you are looking to sit down and be served you’ll find yourself in the wrong place.

2) Where Else you Could Eat in Mercato Centrale? Everywhere!

In the Florence Central Market, restaurants, osterie, trattorie go for daily shopping of fresh products, so what about unleashing your fantasy and shop to your taste? Fortunately in the Market you’ll find ready to help you business owners of meat, fish and vegetables products.

SAN LORENZO MERCATO CENTRALE FIRENZE from the video design company on Vimeo!