Finding a place to eat in San Lorenzo is like not bumping into a tourist at the central station or at the Duomo, it’s practically one of the most prolific ares of Florence in terms of Osterie, Trattorie, Pizzeria, Enoteche, Restaurants and wine bars, you just name it!

So let’s start then naming a few you’ll have a good experience with, once again not in particular order!

1) Trattoria da Zaza

Zaza is one of the most known restaurants in the San Lorenzo area, reviewed positively by Tripadvisor, Zagat, Google Review maybe does not need much push but it’s an always good restaurant you might want to try when in the area.

Trattoria Zaza in San Lorenzo Florence Piazza del mercato centrale, 26/r – Florence Tel. 055/215411
Always open no stop from 11 Am to 11.00 Pm check also facebook page


Menu consists in true Tuscan recipes with a personal touch from the chef: Steak, Cauliflowers, Zucchine and more.  They also have a shopping section for wines, oil of olive, a book of recipes and more!

2) Trattoria Da Mario (open only at Lunch)

The Trattoria da Mario is another classic and well known trattoria in Florence San Lorenzo district, open only at lunch offers mainly strictly typical Florentine dishes such as Ribollita,

For the 60th year celebration check the Youtube video here

Trattoria da Mario in San Lorenzo Florence

Via Rosina 2r, 50123 Florence, Italy+39 055 218550 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Check Trattoria da Mario Web Site and Trattoria da Mario facebook page

The menu at Trattoria Mario is based on Tuscan home cooking and family recipes that have changed very little over the years. We use fresh ingredients delivered daily from the nearby market and the menu changes with the seasons. Monday and Thursday we usually have tripe on the menu, Fridays we have fresh fish. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is available every day and is only served rare (tip never ask in Florence for a steak well cooked, some restaurant’s owner really can’t do it, maybe is the case to order pork?).

Some items from the menu include: Pasta with meat sauce, Pasta with artichokes, Bean soup, Vegetable-bread soup, Fried veal loin, Beef stew, Roast pork, Boneless beefsteak, with Rosemary, Roast veal, Boiled beef and tongue, Roast chicken, Veal chop, Beef fillet, Pork chop, T-bone steak, Boiled potatoes, French fries, White beans, Green salad.

3) Da Garibaldi – another traditional trattoria in San Lorenzo

Located in Mercato Centrale square in center of Florence, few steps from main train station Santa Maria Novella and Duomo square, the Trattoria “Da Garibardi” welcome visitors and locals in a typically Tuscan environment.

Trattoria da Garibaldi in San Lorenzo Florence


Piazza del Mercato Centrale 38r, 50123 Florence, Italy+39 055 212267

Check Trattoria Garibaldi official web site or Trattoria Garibaldi Facebook Page

In summer you can dine outside, in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Parisian square, or inside between ancient stone walls, in 3 comfortable hall equipped with air conditioning. the menu offers all the typical specialties of Tuscan cuisine, including the famous “Fiorentina Steak”, true specialty of the restaurant.

Some of our dishes: Ribollita, Pappa al pomodoro, Trippa, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Crostini

The restaurant also has private rooms and can accommodate groups of 20 to 50 people, for a total of 100 seats also available the services for people with disabilities.