Just as it happens in the Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo, also the Mercato of Sant’Ambrogio can be a perfect spot for a quick meal during day time.  The Market Closes at 2 pm so your only chance is to go for lunch.

There is one place we’d always gathered with some friends in the Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio a few years ago before friends departed ways and it’s the first option I’d like to share.

Welcome to Trattoria da Rocco!

Trattoria Da Rocco in Sant'Ambrogio

Enjoy typical Tuscan dishes, but not limited to, such as: Ribollita, tripe, panzanella, baked beans, salads, lasagna, eggplant parmigiana and many other pasta dishes.

Hours: 12-14. Fast service. Prices. Courtesy and hospitality, keep in mind you’ll most likely sit with other Costumers!

Are you ready now for guts and interiors? Welcome to the Il Trippaio di Sant’ Ambrogio

Il trippaio di Sant'Ambrogio

Trippa, Lampredotto, nerves are all typical florentine’s delicatessen which if you are not too much adverse at experimenting is something you’d definitely need to try! It’s known that for someone eating these dishes can be a bit of blurping idea but be sure that the preparation of them comes from a long history and with a clean and safe procedure, plus the taste is unique!  A must try.

Looking for Coffè, Stuzzichini or simple Panino: Barny has it for you!

Barny di Sant'Ambrogio

If instead you’d like just a little appetizer or a quick Cappuccino or aperitif make sure you stop by friendly Paolo and her wife at Barny!

For more information about other stores inside of the Mercato di Sant’ Ambriogio make sure you check the Official Web Site