The area around Piazza Pitti and Ponte Vecchio is quite busy and choice for your snack on the go, sit-down-meal or even fancy wedding proposal’s dinner is vast and diverse.

Let’s assume in this case you are about to enter your visit to Palazzo Pitti or Boboli Garden and sitting down to order Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Contorno, Dolce, Frutta, Caffè isn’t your day plan let’s see which options you have for light and quick snack:

A sandwich Italian Style: Il Panino del Chianti

Il Panino del Chianti

If you are looking for a budget snack on the go you have some options: stop at the classic tourist place for a three layered sandwich tuna an mayonnaise, get a slice of Pizza al Taglio in the same looking like place, you can tell by the display of dozens of sandwiches, or if you like something different and more Italian style: a stop at the Il Panino del Chianti.

Il Panino del Chianti is a tiny place with a few tables (high – ones) and chairs (high too) decorated very Tuscan style! Here you can instead try a different Panino or Schiacciata with fresh affettati like ham, salami, finocchiona and cheeses like mozzarella’s, Pecorino, Brie and so on! Accompanying this with a good glass of Tuscan wine or two and you’ll be well set for your tour of any monument you’ ll like to visit in the area!

Your next choice for a quick and low budget meal on the Go: Eat in a Supermarket at Sapori e Dintorni

If you are a well experienced traveler and have already tried the place above in Florence you might be tempted to try what many Italians do on their lunch break, head into the closest supermarket and order a Panino at the Banco degli Affettati, which is the Salumi section of the store.  You usually go there for home groceries shopping but many do simply order bread, some ham, maybe percorino and a slice of Melanzane, here wine by the glass will not be served!

Sapori e dintorni Florence Italy