San Niccolo district in Florence among numerous artisan botteghe and itineraries is a perfect stop for some good wine with “stuzzichini”, the Italian word for snacks!  The area of San Niccolo offers many interesting places such as Enoteche, Vinerie, Cafe and Bistro here is a quick list:

Il Rifrullo is an always popular winery in Florence offering a great selection of wines and a well experienced bar-tender for cocktails.  Inside also a full serviced restaurant with an additional terrace on top, on weekends is always crowded, perfect also for aperitifs.

Il rifrullo Bar in Florence

Via di San Niccolò, 55r Florence
Call 055 234 2621

Not far from Rifrullo walking up the Via di Monte alle Croci you can enjoy wine and stuzzichini from the Fuori Porta Enoteca and Restaurant.

Enoteca in San Niccolo Fuori Porta

Via del Monte alle Croci, 10/R, Florence, Italy
055 234 2483
At Fuori Port you can choose from so many different bottles of wine and with your selection, also by the glass, eat delicious appetizers from Crostini, Salami, affettati, and mixed plates.
Jut picture yourself in a chilly evening of early spring in Florence when the temperature is still mild and a glass of wine just make you feel that pleasant warm on your skin…, sit relax and enjoy!