For those into nightlife not far off the Duomo there is probably one the most Fashion and Glamourish clubs in town! On a special day on Monday’s the Club offers the most VIP spot of Italy, Fiorentina’s soccer player, famous celebrities join the club for a Monday very special night.

Fashion & Glamour at Yab Club

YAB Disco Restaurant – via Sassetti, 5 / R Firenze – INFO LINE: 055-215160 / 055-290608

 Yab is an historical club not as old as the Duomo (who knows…?!) but for sure has been repainted and restyled quite more often.  In the difficult to keep alive clubbing scene Yab has been able to over the years to renew itself and gather different crowds.

For more information please check out the Yab website or the Yab facebook fan page for live updates, infoline on reservation tables and so on.