Want to know how Florence looks like? The City of Florence.

Quartiere 1

The magic city centre of Florence World Heritage of the Unesco from 1982, it’s the heart of tourism and cradle of the renaissance.  This is where you will be spending most of your time visiting places, churches, historical sights, museums.

Quartiere 2

Campo di Marte district, well this is where the old soccer Stadium Franchi is.  A nice residential area well connected to the city centre but NOT the city centre, might be an option for people staying here for a long time or experienced travellers looking for a long term in a quiet and tourist free area.

Quartiere 3

Almost in the country side, this area is on top of Porta Romana and it’s the beginning of all the streets taking you to Florece South towards Siena, a fantastic country side, relaxing and charming area.  Once again the Duomo is not within walking distance but for spring and summer times finding good charming B&B’s or private villas could be a very good option.

Quartiere 4

Called the suburb of Florece this area connects the city to sister city Scandicci there are not many tourist apartments in the area but it’s becoming very well connected thanks to the new Tramvia city tram system on rails .

Quartiere 5

Florence north you find Peretola airport from where you will be coming from when you land to this cozy airport (I am jocking Leaonardo would have thought of something if he’d new one day humankind could really fly).  There are some apartments in this area but once again if you are expecting to walk down the street and touch the Duomo, you are in the wrong area.

This was Florence, now we’ll deep into the districts of the city centre.