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Discover the city can become a game and an adventure. How can you communicate this enthusiasm to the children? First of all avoid them with endless visits, guide in hand.
Better read up first and tell the kids essential news and more curious facts.
Then it is important to choose the right goals, the most fascinating or higher content of “adventure”.
Among the museums, we will keep you inform about the most interesting and unusual, so if your stay in Florence is just for few days or  for weeks, you will find our notes a precious help in your new role as explorers of this beautiful city!

Now a days it is difficult to see “in real nature” the starry sky: Give your kids this emotion.

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Museo dei Ragazzi Palazzo Vecchio


It ‘s a popular museum, the museum is expanded to important institutions of the city and the territory: the Palazzo Vecchio, Chiesa del Carmine and the Brancacci Chapel, Museum of the History of Science, Museum Stibbert  and Museum of Leonardo di Vinci. Offers to kids different  and exciting modes of learning.

Piazza della Signoria, 1 –

Special thanks to Skiwalker79 and megabeth for pictures.