Forte Bel Vedere also called among Florentines just Belvedere is a fortification in Florence built during the Medici 1590–1595 from Bernardo Buontalenti to protect the family during times of epidemic or wars. It has afterwards served to garrison military troupes.

The inside of the Villa was instead magnificent and it did not resemble the true spirit of a military base, after all the Medici family didn’t mind showing off a bit!

Forte Belvedere in Florence

The complex provide spectacular outlooks over Florence; the buildings are used to hold works of art, and as a venue for exhibitions of contemporary sculpture. In summer it’s also serves as a get together spot for, aperitifs, dinners, live performances with Florence at your feet.

A bastion of Forte Bel Vedere

Between 2006 and 2008, the Forte Belvedere was the scene of two fatal accidents in similar circumstances: September 3, 2006 Luca Raso, Roman boy of 20 years, died falling from the ramparts of the fort, July 15, 2008 Veronica Locatelli, thirty-seven Florentine has fallen and died the same way, after a flight of 10 meters,  following the incident, the Forte Belvedere was closed and on both the facts have been opened investigations by the prosecution for any liability of the City Florence. The investigations were concluded with an acquittal and two convictions, including that of former councilor Silani.

Forte Belvedere was reopened to the public on 8 July 2013, with an exhibition of the Chinese artist Zhang Huan.

Pictures Credit Wikipedia