Are you wishing to celebrate your Wedding in Florence? It is a really good idea as Florence is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Renaissance, full of art, culture, great cuisine, fashion, history, architecture and music!

Getting married in Florence is one time life event!

Here are some good advices for you from a professional Wedding Planner living and working in Florence:

1) Civil or religious wedding? In both cases you have to book in advance, at least six months before, so that you are sure to choose the right day and follow correctly the entire procedure.
Regarding the procedure, it depends on your nationality, but it is always better to have somebody speaking Italian who can help you with italian paperworks for the procedure. You cannot risk to miss something for the most important day of your life! Also if you don’t speak the language, you require a translator following you step by step.

The civil ceremony takes place in the Sala Rossa (Red Room), a very beautiful and elegant room inside Palazzo Vecchio, located in the centre of the town, Piazza della Signoria.

If you want a religious ceremony, you can choose between the large number of churches in Florence, there are also some Anglicans, Ortodox, churches and the Synagogue for the jewish ceremony.

Also you can decide to get married civilly in your country and celebrate a symbolic wedding in Florence, in this case the ceremony can take place wherever you want; inside a palace, in a beautiful garden, in the plain countryside…

marriage in florence
2) Find the perfect location for your Wedding; it is always very important to have clear ideas of what you really want for the most important day of your life, so try to focus on your wishes and ideas. What Florence has to offer is a rich variety of stunning locations; medieval castles in the countryside, Renaissance villas, historical houses, countryside villas or agriturismo, etc…

According to your wishes, you can design and personalize your wedding and C&C Event Designer can help you combining individual solutions of florists, chefs, musicians and many other service providers.
I really suggest you should create your unique wedding and not choose any packages at all!!

3) Plan a wonderful stay in Florence for you and your wedding guests: as you are going to stay
in Florence with your parents, relatives and friends for at least a week, it is always better to plan other activities during that period. Even in this case, there is plenty of choice!
Wine, olive oil and cheese degustations, countryside walks, historical tours in the most beautiful tuscan towns, bike tours, horse riding, tuscan diners or brunches etc…
C&C Event Designer can help you organizing your stay in Florence and take the most of it!

Thanks to: Chiara Conticelli,

C&C Event Designer