If in Florence you hear a Florentine who turns to another with the nickname “Bucaiolo” (‘buco’ in Italian means ‘hole’, bucaiolo), is nothing but a nice typical expression that means “villain, rascal” ..Treccani (the most important encyclopedia of Italy) gives a definition even more derogatory of the term: sodomite .. but this is not the sense that a Florentine means this name. But, until recently, bucaiolo was nothing more than the nickname of the renaioli (‘rena’ in Italian means ‘sand’, renaioli) that it to say those who took care of the collection of sand along the banks of the river Arno for construction. The renaioli used poles 4/5 meters long to collect sand, going to form holes on the bed of the Arno: from here, the title bucaiolo!

Nowadays, however, taking a trip on the Arno aboard a typical Renaioli boat is a unique and special experience! See Florence from the river is a unique experience that allows you to observe the city from a different point of view than usual!

Even the Florentines are in love with this type of experience, so it will not be unusual to see two spouses on the boat, or groups of friends at sunset who sip an aperitif waiting to take a trip on the boat.Just remember that it is an exclusive tour, so it is advisable to book in advance, otherwise you may not find availability!