Florence has a really massive offer of rentals making it very hard to decide which is the best property for your next stay.  This article will help you using our service in order to filter appropriately the results of your searches from the rental page.

By the home page and clicking on Rentals you will get to the page containing ALL the listing on Firenze Lodging, many!  How can you narrow down your search for less and more accurate results?

We have made available to you a cool filter tool through a collapseable button called Advanced Search:

Once you click on Advanced Search a search from will appear as follow:

You can now searching for your property in various ways: enter the name if you know it from a previous offer or search for example *Tavolini* will bring you to a result page where Tavolini is the first result of your search.  You can also search by the following parameters:

  • By name as explained above if you do already know the name of the property.
  • By category such as Apartment, Villa, B&B and so on.
  • All the above plus a minimum and maximum budget specified by Day, Week or Month.
  • Specify the number of bedroom you desire for your stay.
  • Elevator.
  • Terrace.

This should be enough for now to narrow down your search but we are working on including other filters as well.  If all the above still returns you way too many properties you can still work on the facilities box hitting the More Options button as shown below:

With all the above you should be able to really limit the results making you search easy and fun!  As mentioned above we are working to make the search of properties really efficient so you can really find what is suitable for your stay in Florence.

Happy search Lorenzo!