Competition in Florence is extremely high and during these time of crisis  2016-2018 the lower demand makes very hard to successfully book your rental.

Clients looking for accommodation are overwhelmed with offers, from within Firenze Lodging but also from a lot of other channels out on the web: private individual sites, free classifieds ads, fixed paid listing and many, many more.

With an average of over 20 – 30 properties offered for one week request what is going to make the difference between getting a booking and NOT getting booking at all?

This article will out line what you should do on Firenze Lodging but also on ALL the other sites you list your properties to increase your rental visibility and sell-ability!

1 Presentation

Nice pictures!

I am sure all of you thought price, but no it’s not the first reason your rentals get discarded.  Having good material for presentation is VITAL to let people understand from abroad, online WHERE they are they going to stay.

I still see very poor listing, with few pictures of which there is no description, no videos, no floor plans, inaccurate data and description.  Clients are often disoriented and tend to change site or property which are better represented.  When a property owner puts on the market a new property all is needed is a good set of pictures, videos or 360 virtual tours are greatly appreciated and could make the difference but really pictures are still enough…for a bit.

I wrote some time ago an article about taking good pictures of your property refer to article 1 & 2

Complete and sincere description!

The description of your property these days does have to be as descriptive as possible, start listing the layout and this where the floor plans in the picture gallery comes very handy, try to describe as you did not know the house.

Mention something unique about the property, what makes it special for your potential renter, also mention the good and especially the flaws of the home.  It’s much better to advise what is unpleasant from the beginning, it’s true you might loose some picky renters but be sure those that come will have no reason to complaint!

Double check your facilities!

On Firenze Lodging is possible and very much used as feature to filter properties by facility, air conditioning, satellite tv, regular oven, washing machine etc.  If you have forgot to check the mark on your control panel the property will simply not show up during searches.

Describe the location around the property!

People that have never been to Florence will love to know what is nearby, it’s a text area Property Owners neglect but be sure that Clients don’t like to just look at a map of a place they have never been with no further info.  It’s needed only few lines of text to explain what is nearby, if there are services, what is like the neighborhood.  Once again this helps from getting or NOT getting bookings.