Il Ristoro Dei Perditempo in Santo Spirito

Newcomers to Florence will usually flock to the first restaurant or bar they come across during a brisk walk through the city center. Every neighborhood has its usual cliché eateries that advertise an “authentic” Bistecca alla Fiorentina or bars exhibiting brightly colored mountains of gelato. After a few hours prior to arriving in Florence, it becomes evident that the majority of locales cater to a clientele of tourists rather than locals. Our aim on this blog is to steer our visitors in the right direction, to recommend places that we would actually congregate at.

In January of 2008, Luca Biagi decided to open a locale that he had always envisioned himself working in. His goal was to open a bar that prides itself on good quality at a reasonable price. In addition, he wanted to own a place where people could come and exchange ideas and feel at home. In the end, he ultimately aimed to distinguish himself apart from the usual bars one would come across in the city center. He wanted to incorporate those little extra unique qualities that would make an impact on its clientele. Il Ristoro Dei Perditempo (The Retreat of the Timewasters) was thus born out of this mindset, ultimately providing clients with a unique bar/café experience.

There are various perks about Il Ristoro Dei Perditempo that set it aside from the rest. Firstly, the décor strikes you when you first arrive. The bar has a rather quaint feeling about it. Most noticeable are the impeccably clean restrooms, where the walls are decorated with old newspaper articles from the 50s and 60s. The bar has a deli case with classic Florentine bar foods such as Pappa al Pomodoro, Ribollita, ravioli, and salads. A wide assortment of Pecorino cheeses from across the Tuscany region are also made available, which go well with the wide selection of wines Luca Biagi has handpicked from various small local wineries. If you are just stopping in for a coffee, Luca has elected to serve a delectable espresso made from organic coffee beans. If it is a salty and savory snack you crave, sandwiches and mixed plates of various cold cuts are served on wooden cutting boards. The main dining area in the back overlooks the Arno River, while the small seating area outside makes people watching a not so fastidious activity. Overall, Il Ristoro helps make sure that you stay satisfied while wasting time.

Il Ristoro Dei Perditempo

Mondays 12:00pm-4:00pm

Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-10:00pm

Borgo San Jacopo 48R
Phone#: 055 2645569
Price Range: €2+