1. Fountain of Neptune
Designed by Baccio Bendinelli during the 16th century this fountain wasn’t originally appreciated by the people, and was used as a wash basin until such use was outlawed in the 16th century.


2. Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa
This bronze statue was cast by Benvenuto Cellini in an attempt to surpass Michelangelo’s David. When viewed from the back, the head of Perseus and his helmet is a cleverly concealed self portrait of Cellini himself.


Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa

 Image from Darren Krape

3. Equestrian Statue of Coismo I
Designed by Giambologna and erected in 1598, this mounted statue of Coismo I was the first of its kind created in Florence and started a trend of equestrian statues in the area.


Equestrian Statue of Coismo I

Image from trixnbooze

4. Hercules and Nessus
This statue was erected in the 16th century by Giambologna and dipicts Hercules beating the Centaur Nessus. Unknowning that the centaurs blood would later take his mortal life.


Hercules and Nessus

Image from Tama Leaver

5. Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo was born in Vinci, just outside of Florence. As a youth he apprenticed with renowned artists in Florence, and was said to have put his art aside from 1527-1529 to defend the republic of Florence.


Leonardo da Vinci

Image from Richard Carter

6. Michelangelo’s David
The statue is Michelangelo’s interpretation of King David in quiet contemplation of his impending battle with Goliath. Previous statues of David depict his clever triumph, however Michelangelo aptly evokes the tense and thoughtful moments just prior to the battle.


Michelangelo's David

Image from Jay8085