Italian males stare at attractive Italian and foreign women, and there’s a good chance upon arrival in Italy you will be hearing whistles and Ciao Bella a lot, don’t you worry…it’s the rule!

Italian men have been staring at women for centuries now, can’t beat it? Live with it!

Italian men stare!

It might be fun at times, and surely flattering for a woman to be shown so much attention. Maybe for the first couple of days this will be true, but then it can start to become a bother.

Appreciation of Beauty

Those of you already been to Italy know very well what I am talking about. From the moment they see a beautiful woman, Italian men are known for expressing their appreciation with gusto.

All right, before you cancel your booking and opt for going to France instead, be assured we’re all not maniacs. Read on, you might be interested in checking out my personal explanation for this.

This is also something I laugh about with my Italian friends living abroad that have seen *the light*.

Customary Behavior

Italian life is all about visual contact and appearance, this also makes us very good at design, style and fashion right?  Beauty is the rule, and that goes for newspaper, television and other media.

When it comes to TV that’s where the fires blast off. Our Italian males suffer from a daily attack of visual messages anytime, any day, every where:

Here is a satyric news show which shows right after the main news report at 8.30 pm on channel 5.

Ha ha ha I’ll keep going, Gira La Ruota goes on at 7 pm !

This could go on and on, from television to printed media. In any sort of advertisement there is a woman ready to remind you that are a man.

This might partially explain why Italians have such a weakness for beauty and for sexy women. It’s not our fault, we try not to think about it and behave responsibly, it is our culture that doesn’t help us.

We Mean Well

If we had a little less pressure, we would be thinking less about women and more about other things that interest men, like cars, sports and beer!

Please, don’t judge that poor Italian man because you’ve just landed and he’s already offering you dinner and roses. Remember, he simply doesn’t know any better.

Happy dating in Florence!