Japanese popular culture not only reflects the attitudes and concerns of the present but also provides a link to the past. The connection they have to their past and traditions confirms how different they are from most of the developed countries. Japanese cinema, cuisine, television programs, manga, and music all developed from older artistic and literary traditions, and many of their themes and styles of presentation can be traced to traditional art forms. Contemporary forms of popular culture, much like the traditional forms, provide not only entertainment but also an escape for the contemporary Japanese from the problems of an industrial world.

Japanese flag

The Japanese people are known for their calmness, respect towards others and love for any form of art.

With their love to any form of art, Florence has been an important tourist point for many. Amazed with its architecture and artistic value many have even decided to make this city a part of their life. There is a big Japanese community in Florence and every December have a lovely Festival organized for us!

At the Limonaia di Villa Strozzi in via Pisana, from the 16th to the 18th of December Florence will rediscover the ancient art and culture of Japan. With seminars explaining the different forms of respect, the explanation of the Kimono, martial arts, hobbies like Origami and tea tastings as well as massages will all be waiting for the numerous people waiting for this day. Of course there will some gastronomic delicacies accompanying the event 🙂

How to get there: A 15 minute walk from the center or just take the bus number 6 with direction going towards Novelli. If you are
with a car then park near the Ponte alla Vittoria parking lot.

For further info please call: 055-23320 or email to apt@firenzeturismo.it